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Are you hoping to incorporate the most delicious flavors of Filipino, Asian, or Vietnamese cuisine into your daily culinary creations or prepare traditional dishes from these lands for a celebration or special occasion? Then you must explore the selection of products Paul & Adelen's Philippine Store has available for you! All our customers in Raymond, ME and the surrounding areas are able to choose and purchase for delivery a varied range of grocery items commonly used to cook Asian, Filipino, and Vietnamese food. Please note that our store is delivery-only, so be sure to tell us which items you need and we will happily deliver them to your door for your convenience!

What We Offer


Want to enjoy a good portion of delicious Ramen, Pork Noodles, or Chow Mein? You can get all the ingredients you need to prepare them at our excellent delivery-only store! We have available for you a wide range of noodle types of all thicknesses and lengths, so you can find the ideal one for your cooking creations!

Asian Grocery

Asian Grocery
At our dependable Asian food store, you can find all the ingredients you need to prepare delicious meals with an authentic Asian flavor. Turn to us and get many different types of rice, spices, sauces, and even specialized products such as nori sheets, dried chili, Asian cooking wines and oils, and more!

Filipino Grocery

Filipino Grocery
If you would like to taste the amazing flavors of Filipino traditional recipes, you can stock your pantry with the most authentic ingredients by exploring our Filipino grocery section! We can provide you with top-quality ingredients needed to recreate your favorite Filipino dishes. Enrich the variety of options in your pantry today!

Vietnamese Grocery

Vietnamese Grocery
For Vietnamese food lovers, we also have a wide assortment of products to please their palates! At our reliable Vietnamese food store, our customers can find Vietnamese cinnamon, fish sauce, jasmine rice, oyster sauce, shrimp paste, lemon grass, and many different spices for an explosion of flavor!


Explore Outstanding Flavors

If you use authentic Asian, Filipino, and Vietnamese ingredients in your next cooking session, you will not only be able to honor the culinary traditions of diverse Asian countries but also diversify the tastes that you include in your everyday meals. This will enrich your experience with food in general or help you get in touch with your culture and its flavors if you are of Asian heritage. With our excellent selection of Asian groceries, your meals will be more than delicious, full of color, and texture!

Get Every Item You Need

The dependable team of our Asian grocery store is ready to help you find the products you need! We make sure to always have our most popular products in stock to meet the demand of our loyal customers, and we also make an extra effort to bring new items, when possible, to offer our customers the wide spectrum of options they look for. If our clients need any help with their shopping list, we make sure to assist them without hesitation!

Our Nearby Areas

Our dependable store can deliver products to many areas because we care about being near to as many customers as possible! Please know we currently accept deliveries in orders over $60 throughout Raymond, ME and all the following areas:

  • North Windham, ME
  • Yarmouth, ME
  • Standish Town, ME
  • Gray Town, ME
  • Cumberland Center, ME

If you would like to place an order or ask about any particular product you would like to purchase at our delivery-only store, you can reach out to Paul & Adelen's Philippine Store at your earliest convenience! Our excellent team is here to help! Give us a quick call now!

Client Testimonials

Amazing Selection of Products and Convenient Location!

I love all the products I can find in this Asian food store! Since I discovered it, I no longer have to take long drives to buy the things I need to cook my favorite meals!

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